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Hey There

I breed Italian Greyhound in Budapest, Hungary, where the goal is to match outstanding lines with health and great nervous system in addition to the well-being of the puppies and following the breed standard.

All About Me

Let me introduce myself I’m Krisztina Petromán. Since my childhood I’ve been an animal lover. Thanks to my parents since I born I’ve been around dogs and other animals and I took care of them whenever I had free time. I’ve wanted to be around them in my free time and later on my passion turned to my profession as well. I’ve became a dog groomer in 2010 and later on I’ve studied animal breeding and got my diploma in 2014 in the University where my diploma work was about colour genetics. I was always trying to expand my knowledge on different webinars, masterclasses, dog shows in Hungary and all around Europe. When I’ve became a dog groomer I fall in love with Schnauzers and hands down they quickly became my favourite breed after sharing my life with many other breeds. But after a short time one breed started to interest me more and more and in the back of my mind I’ve always been attracted to greyhounds. Their elegance and beauty amazed me. And like this not so long ago I became an Italian Greyhound owner too. I am not lying when I tell you I spend all my time with my dogs. We wake up and go to sleep together every single day. For me they are the safe place, the calmness and the love.

My Philosophy

We are a small family owned kennel where every and each mating is a conscious, well thought out decision. I have very high standards regarding to my dogs and the puppies who born under my wings and this is the reason I am completely aware of the pros and cons of all my dogs. I am trying to harmonise the fenotype and behaviour whenever I consider a mating. And of course I consider health checks as a necessity for preserving the health. The parents health tests give guarantee of the puppies health of most genetic diseases. Every and each puppies can move to their final home at the age of 8-12-16 weeks with contract, passport, pedigree, all vaccinations, dewormed and with a puppy pack. I’d like to keep the connection with my new owners and it is also stated in the contract. Other than this I am open to any questions of the new owners and I am willing to help according to my knowledge. I am available to help at anytime. For more information please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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